Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Heart Art and accidental monoprinting

direct from the quilt
from the plastic        

The style of quilt that I've been working on lately is a heavily painted quilt. This one got a little too much gesso poured onto it, so I had to mop some up. I first grabbed the piece of plastic that was underneath the piece and picked some up. It looked so cool that I grabbed a piece of solid black that happened to be within arms reach and mopped up some more from the piece. Then realizing that i was monoprinting, looked at the piece of plastic and applied the fabric to that as well. It is gesso, so the fabric is now much more stiff, but still usable. Will definitely do more of this with regular paint!

My heart piece is coming along nicely, possibly to be completed tomorrow (yay for snow days!). Here it is in the beginning stages. The background is three layers, quilted with tacking, then painted with gesso and acrylics. The heart is simply cardboard painted with acrylics

And last but not least! If you haven't found Joanne's blog yet, please go check it out! She has made a beautiful AND useful card holder using heart fabric and a heart button! Joanne's blog is very fun to read, she hosts lots of give-aways and she does machine quilting which is getting rave reviews in our quilt guild!

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