Tuesday, January 4, 2011


After a successful First Annual Ironing Woman Triathlon last August, I have been thinking about how to keep the momentum going. This morning I came across this blog and challenge, Iron Craft, and had an aha! moment. Let's play with quilting challenges once a month! I've set up a Flikr group to share photos and a Facebook group. Each month I'll randomly draw a name from everyone who has posted a photo of their challenge on Flikr for a wicked good prize.

So on to the first challenge... I've always been a sucker for Valentine's day, so let's see some hearts. You choose your medium, size and colors. Now get into that workroom! Post a picture of your finished piece by January 31 to be eligible for the drawing. (I'll let you know what the prize is as soon as I know!)


  1. I was just thinking about trying my hand at crocheted hearts - maybe putting them into a small quilted piece...

  2. Welcome Julaine! What a great idea to combine crochet and quilting... Can't wait to see it!